How to Choose the Safest Full Face Motorcycle Helmet in 2023

No matter what bike you like, including the newest street-legal electric motorcycles, you need the right kind of helmet. Although motorcyclists aren't required to wear helmets everywhere, they're mandated to in Georgia. That's certainly not a bad thing. On the contrary, helmets keep you safer, so you lessen the risk of being involved in a tragic or catastrophic motorcycle accident.

Which type of motorcycle helmet should you choose, though? While it's up to your preference, aim for a full face motorcycle helmet even if you only ride occasionally. Unlike open-face and half helmets, full-face motorcycle helmet products give you the most protection. They're designed to surround your face as much as possible while offering you the visibility and mobility to ride confidently and securely.

Of course, you might initially find it overwhelming to figure out the best motorcycle helmet you can buy for your money (and your well-being.) Below are some criteria to consider when picking your next or first helmet.

Comfort and Fit

You want your motorcycle helmet to fit snugly without being too tight or loose. Often, helmet manufacturers specify which type of head shape a full face motorcycle helmet will be well suited for. For example, a full face motorcycle helmet may say it's an "intermediate oval." In that case, the helmet will work better for someone with an asymmetrically oval-shaped head than someone with a more symmetrically round head.

Be aware that you might have to do some trial and error when determining which helmet will give you enough pressure to stay on but not feel cumbersome. Check out the company's return policy if you purchase a helmet online. It's not unusual to try several helmets before pinpointing which fits correctly.

Material and Price

Even if you're on a budget, resist getting the first inexpensive full face motorcycle helmet you see in person or online. You want one that's made of a quality material. Otherwise, the helmet may not protect you if you get into a crash with an object or other vehicle. Some common materials you'll find are carbon fiber, polycarbonate, and fiberglass. Many are reinforced with other materials as well.

One helmet will automatically cost more than another based on the combination of materials. Typically, fiberglass is one of the most budget-friendly materials. However, this might not always be the case based on other materials or if the helmet you're considering is made by a well-known brand that charges premium rates. Regardless, always do your homework on the materials that make up your helmet and don't allow money to be the only guide.

Visibility and Intuitiveness

While you're wearing your full face motorcycle helmet, you need to be able to see the road and everything around you. Therefore, Your motorcycle helmet visor must give you as much clarity as possible. It should also be easy to clean. Many visors will either flip up or can be removed. However, you should always keep your visor down when maneuvering your bike to avoid problems.

To know if the full face motorcycle helmet you're considering has the most impact-resistant visor on the market, consider looking at the motorcycle ratings set up by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). You'll better understand your visor's quality and every other element of your helmet.

Added Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Safety Precautions

After buying your full face motorcycle helmet, you can do one more thing about safety. What's that? Buy yourself a motorcycle helmet lock. A motorcycle helmet lock will protect the investment engineered to protect you as you travel.

Other ways to keep your gear and yourself safer include always following traffic laws, wearing protective clothing and ensuring your riders do likewise, and being careful when riding in inclement weather. And if you find yourself significantly injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Steelhorse Law to arrange a time to discuss your case with legal professionals.

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