The Most Scenic Motorcycle Rides in Georgia in the Fall

Every once in a while, it's important to get out of the house and start your motorcycle. Georgia in the fall is a beautiful sight, and while it may be tempting to hide indoors for the next few months, getting out there and having adventures is the best way to shake off quarantine blues.

We've compiled a list of some of the best and most scenic places to take a motorcycle ride in the great state of Georgia, from the gorgeous mountains in the north to the idyllic farmland of the south.

Sunset over the mountains in Georgia

Blue Ridge

There are dozens of loops to try in Georgia's Blue Ridge region, some so large that they make excellent day trips in north Georgia. One of the smaller, simpler loops involves taking Highway 60 south to Highway 180. That one is only 76 miles, but there's plenty of wider loops that swing by rivers, vineyards and attractions.

The Dahlonega Loop (aka the Lumpkin-Union Loop)

Cut through the Appalachians and pass by numerous waterfalls on this two-hour loop that starts in Dahlonega in the northern part of the state. You start at the main town of Dahlongea, make your way to Highway 19N, loop through several local highways and circle by DeSoto Falls.

The Suches Loop (aka Georgia's Dragon)

This hour-and-a-half long loop is one of the most scenic fall drives in Georgia. North of Gainesville, this is a nice, short drive that loops using US-19 and US-180. You can also do it in addition to the Dahlonega Loop, making it a great daytrip.

Georgia Mountain Parkway

Take State Route 515 to some gorgeous mountain scenery, which is absolutely perfect in the fall. This parkway cuts through the high country, with places for rafting, kayaking and tubing along the way.

Southern Highroads Trail

Let's say you're looking for more of an adventure; motorcycle rides in Georgia aren't cutting it. This 360-mile route loops through South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee, touring from the coast all the way through to the mountainous regions of all four states.

Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway

This official byway tours the deep wilderness of northeast Georgia, with waterfalls and wonders in between. This is a great byway for motorcyclists who want to camp or take a hike, as it looks around the Chattahoochee River.

Providence Canyon (aka the Baby Grand Canyon)

The southern part of the state can seem flat and have fewer great motorcycle rides. In Georgia's western border towns, however, there's a sight any motorcyclist would enjoy: Providence Canyon. Georgia has its very own smaller grand canyon, with plenty of places to hike nearby. It's a great spot for those in the Southern part of the state looking to stretch their legs.

Historic Effingham-Ebenezer Scenic Byway

For those looking to enjoy the Savannah area, this 60-mile tour of some of Georgia's most historic spots is perfect for both adventurers and history buffs. It also happens to be one of the most scenic drives in Georgia, with everything from colonial-era homes to the Savannah River.

Enduring Farmlands Scenic Byway

If you're looking for motorcycle rides in GA that show off the culture of the southern part of the state, the Enduring Farmlands Scenic Byway has everything from pecan groves to heritage sites. Drive through fields of peaches and corn in this rural area so far from the buzzing of major cities.

Out-of-State: The Tail of the Dragon

But that's just a few of the best driving roads in Georgia. Just a little further north of the border of Georgia is one of the most famous motorcycle and sports car roads in the world: the Tail of the Dragon. Curves "come at you rapid fire" on this road; you won't even have time to look around on this famously twisty highway. The road is so famous, it's starred in films like The Fugitive. It's definitely worth a day trip for anyone looking for the best motorcycle trips near Georgia.

Get out there and explore before the wind gets too chilly!

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