Rainy Day Driving Tips from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Rainy Day  DrivingNo matter how long you’ve had your motorcycle on the road, wet weather can be a challenge. Even the most seasoned rider knows riding in the rain requires a different type of caution than what’s needed on dry roads. To ensure you’re weather proof, read a few rainy-day driving tips provided by a motorcycle accident lawyer. These tips are designed to keep you as safe as possible while allowing you to enjoy the ride.

Wear Your Rain Gear

Waterproof gear is your best friend in rainy weather. If you haven’t purchased a pair of waterproof boots and a few pairs of waterproof gloves, don’t wait another day. A waterproof suit is necessary as well. It’s wise to not skimp on quality for any of your rain gear. Buy the best you can afford.

Make yourself visible by wearing gear constructed with reflective materials. Bright colors are also a good idea. And since your comfort makes the ride more enjoyable, try wearing plastic bags between your socks and boots. Your feet will thank you. Keep a few pairs of nitrile disposable gloves in your gear bag to wear under your riding gloves. Finally, protect your face with ventilated glasses, a face shield, or a full-face helmet.

Use a Checklist

No, you don’t need to write the list down but do keep it in the forefront of your mind. Conducting a check before you ride is important on any day, but even more so when you plan to ride in rainy conditions. Check tires for proper inflation. Make sure they have enough tread to channel water. Inspect your brakes and make sure they’re working properly. Be aware of how much wear is on the brake pads. Check oil and brake fluid and be on the lookout for any leaks. Be sure you have an alternate route in mind. If you’re planning a long road trip know where the rest stops are and take shelter in them if the weather gets too rough.

Motorcycle RiderHave a Good Understanding of Road Conditions

Rain creates unique road conditions for motorcyclists. You don’t need to fear riding in the rain, but you must be prepared. Rain causes oil to seep up from the pavement causing extremely slippery conditions. This means your tires have less traction. You can avoid danger by not riding on painted road lines, over manhole covers, or through puddles. Heavy rainfall can hide danger, especially potholes. If you can’t avoid puddles at least ride through them as slowly as possible. Higher speed riding means you should maintain an even speed. When you make abrupt changes, you risk a reduction in traction. Pay close attention to your braking distance. Water on the road means less traction.

Ride Defensively

You’re probably aware that motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to accidents and injury than motorists driving cars. Aside from taking a defensive driving course there are actions you can take to prevent accidents. These actions should be taken regardless of the weather but are even more important in rainy conditions. Riding in the proper lane, usually the far-left lane on a multi-lane highway, is critical. When riding with a friend, don’t share the lane. Use caution at intersections. Don’t drive through them in the left lane. A motorist sliding through a slipper intersection could easily slide right over from the right to the left lane.

Finally, as much as possible, stay clear of aggressive motorists. There are drivers who seem to target motorcycles. If you notice a driver behaving in an aggressive manner, get away from them as quickly and safely as possible. Above all, prepare well for the rain and enjoy the ride!

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