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Tips for Avoiding Tire Failure

Motorcycle tires are put to the test each time riders are on the open road. Heat, pressure, and other stresses can cause tire failure. Luckily, motorcycle tires are designed to withstand road obstacles and work well most of the time. So, with that being said, why do some riders experience tire failure?

Most tire problems result from excessive weight, low tire pressure, and bad maintenance. In this post, you'll learn more about how these factors affect tire performance and how you can avoid a tire-related accident.

Are You Expecting Too Much from Your Tires?

Riders don't mean to overload their tires, but it happens more than most people realize. When you purchase a motorcycle, it's important to understand the weight limits and how adding more weight affects tire performance. Motorcycle frames may be designed to hold several hundred pounds or two riders at a time, but that doesn't mean your tires meet the same weight threshold.

It's important to remember that many factors affect weight and pressure. For example, the gear you wear can add more weight than you realize. If you continuously overload your tires, eventually they'll fail. Do yourself a favor and check the owner's manual for weight limits for both the motorcycle itself and the tires.

Don't Ride with Low Tires

Riding with underinflated tires not only effects gas mileage and performance, but it's also a leading causes of tire failure. When you don't inflate your tires according to manufacturer requirements, you risk a blowout. Think about it-traveling at a high rate of speed with several hundred pounds putting pressure on the tires is going to cause issues if the tires aren't inflated correctly. If you don't know the PSI requirements for your motorcycle's tires, contact the tire manufacturer to get this information.

Stay Up to Date with Maintenance

How well do you maintain your motorcycle's tires? Think about the surfaces where you ride our motorcycles. Short and long-distance drivers need to take care of their tires to prevent blowouts. Embedded nails in the tire wall are a common problem among motorcycle drivers. Nails in your tire cause pressure loss and weaken the tire structure. There's no excuse for badly neglected tires. In fact, it's recommended that riders check their tires after each ride to make sure there isn't damage to the tire.

You Can Prevent Tire Failure

Every day, motorcycle accidents happen on major highways and back roads not because of bad driving, but because of tire failure. The goods new is that this never has to happen to you-not when you stay on top of tire maintenance and you avoid overload.

Tire failure can also happen as the result of poor manufacturing. If you had a motorcycle accident that resulted from poorly manufactured tires, contact a lawyer for legal representation. Compensation for your injuries and lost work could be yours. When you need a motorcycle lawyer in Atlanta, contact George Stein Steelhorse Law at (888) 382-6878 and tell us about your accident.

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