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An Analysis of Motorcycle Accidents

Cruising the open road…there's just no comparison to the sense of exhilaration you feel when riding a motorcycle. If you ride one yourself, you know the feeling of unparalleled freedom you get when you look at the world from the unique perspective of a biker. You also know, however, that you're always at risk of getting into an accident. Are you curious about what most often causes a motorcycle crash, what happens during one, and what to do if it happens to you? Continue reading for a brief analysis of motorcycle accidents.

Car Versus Motorcycle

Of course, there isn't one sole cause of all motorcycle accidents. However, the most common accidents happen when a car turns left in front of a rider. This type of crash usually occurs at an intersection. Another common cause is when a car veers over into the lane where a motorcycle is traveling. Then there's the crash that happens from behind. In most car vs. motorcycle accidents, the driver of the car was likely either distracted or the motorcycle was traveling in the area known as the blind spot. Another thing to remember about automobile drivers is that their brains aren't programmed to look for motorcycles. By the time they realize one is in their path, it's often too late.

Rider Versus Motorcycle

No matter how experienced you are or how many safety classes you attend, you can still end up being a statistic. Even the most cautious rider can encounter road hazards like gravel or sand in a blind corner. Your front tire hits it and you're set up for a wipe out. Sometimes riders hit a corner too fast and before they realize what's happening, they lay the bike down. Weather conditions are another common cause of accidents. Anytime roads are wet, you have the right conditions for a crash. Finally, your buddies can interfere with your safety. Maybe you're out for a group ride. One rider stops and the rider behind is looking at the scenery and hits him from behind.

What Happens When a Motorcycle Crashes?

No matter what causes the accident, a motorcycle accident involves three things. The rider, the bike, and a variety of environmental factors all play into what happens during the accident. Of course, injury and even death can occur, but there are also other things to consider. For one, consider the fact that unlike a car, the motorcycle itself offers nothing in the way of protection for the rider or their passenger. It's not uncommon for a rider to be thrown off the bike. If that happens, the rider may hit other bikes, cars, or other objects in their path. It's almost a given that the rider will hit the ground. As far as injuries, you might end up with road rash, broken bones, bruises, and possibly internal bleeding. And we haven't even talked about what a thrashed bike looks like after an accident. If the rider walks away without a scratch, the bike isn't usually as lucky. Depending on the make and model, repairs can end up costing hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

Accidents happen to even the most experienced riders. Be prepared by paying attention to safety and knowing where to get medical and legal help if you're injured. If you've been involved in a motorcycle accident, George Stein Steelhorse Law can answer your questions about the next steps to take. Call today.

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