Common Issues Riders Face after a Motorcycle Accident

Common Issues Riders Face after a Motorcycle AccidentBeing in a car accident is scary. Being in a motorcycle accident can be traumatizing. After the crash, there are a few things you must do immediately.

Call 911

Calling 911 should be the first thing you do. If you’re not able, yell to someone else on the scene to call. Even if everyone seems “fine,” it’s important to call for help. Shock and denial are two very common experiences after a crash and you’ll need some objective people on-scene to corroborate the accident.

Gear and Injury Check

What you wear when you ride matters. In fact, it may contribute to saving your life. Protective outerwear for bikers is a booming product line because they minimize or prevent major injuries after a crash.

  • Jackets
  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Boots

Look over each piece of your protective gear to see where major impact occurred. Close your eyes and feel if, and where, anything hurts. Don’t attempt any major movements until you’re sure nothing is seriously injured.

Check Others for Injuries

If you’ve determined you’re able to move about, then attend to other drivers and passengers. At this point, emergency responders should be well on their way to you.


Documenting the scene is crucial. You may find yourself in a courtroom someday and want to have the best defense possible.

  • Images

It’s vital that you take pictures of exactly how the vehicles landed after the collision. Take pictures from every angle. If your cell phone is still working, utilize the 360-degree, panoramic camera function. Without this visual data, it may be challenging to determine accident liability.

  • Written

If you’re able to, separate yourself and write down everything you remember from just before the accident, during, and after your bike stopped moving. It’s very possible your mind will begin to subconsciously edit your memory over time. If you’re not able to write it down, use your phone as a recording device and do an oral dictation.

Safety Precautions

After documenting the scene, do your best to ensure a safe-scene for yourself, and any oncoming drivers.

  • Move your bike off the road
  • If you have some, set up a visual sign that there’s been an accident (i.e. - flares, orange cones, triangles)
  • Have everyone affected by the accident stay together as you wait for emergency responders

Common Issues Riders Face after a Motorcycle AccidentCollect Information

If you feel you’re fully present and able to take the lead, it’s time to gather important information from the other driver or drivers. The police will also do this, but it’s nice to know you have all the names and numbers you’ll need for yourself, too.

  • How to Contact Drivers

You’ll want to get full names, phone numbers, physical address, and email addresses.

  • Vehicle Information

It’s important to get the VIN (vehicle identification number), license plate, make, and model of each auto involved.

  • How to Contact Witnesses

People who saw the accident happen will pull over to make sure you’re ok. Others may stop after the scene has been secured. Ask them all for their contact information too. It may be necessary to reach out someday and use their testimony to corroborate yours.

  • Police Documentation Information

Ask the police for their full name, badge number, and the report number.

Maintaining your composure at the scene of an accident is challenging, especially when you’re one of the victims. Do your very best, and then let the paramedics take care of you.

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