Everything a New Motorcycle Rider Should Know

There's no better feeling than taking your motorcycle out on the open road. If you're a new rider, though, that first ride can seem a little intimidating. As amazing as the ride may be, it's important that you stay safe. With these helpful tips, you'll reduce your risk of accidents and boost your confidence while riding.

Everything a New Motorcycle Rider Should Know

Take an MSF Course

An MSF or Motorcycle Safety Foundation course is a must for any new motorcycle drivers. These courses are specifically designed to prepare you for the risks associated with riding a motorcycle. They'll teach defensive driving and maneuvering and walk you through real-life scenarios. Each course incorporates assignments, attendance, written exam, and hands-on motorcycle testing to ensure that you're ready for whatever the road brings. Taught by experienced instructors, you'll find it much easier to learn to ride safely and hone your motorcycle skills.

Wear Protective Gear

There's a reason that many motorcycle drivers wear leather; it adds protection. Adapt to the ATGATT mentality. ATGATT stands for All the Gear, All the Time. It's a mantra that every motorcyclist should live by. You should wear a helmet and gloves at all times when on your bike. Invest in some gear that you love. The better it feels and the better it looks, the more likely you are to wear it.

Don't Drink and Drive

Just as is true when you're behind the wheel of a car, riding a motorcycle while intoxicated is a horrible idea. It puts not only your life at risk but also others who are on the road. Never, under any circumstances, should you drink and drive.

Motorcycle Rider

Drive Cautiously

If you've never driven a motorcycle before, take it easy in the beginning. There's a definite learning curve, and it will take some time for you to figure things out. Every bike is different. It's important that you feel confident on your bike before you let loose. Before you hit the highway, find a big open space to ride around in. An empty parking lot is an excellent place to start. Get familiar with your bike. Practice starting, stopping, and turning. In no time, you and your motorcycle will be ready to ride.

Be Aware of Cars

Automobile drivers are your biggest threats while out on the road. It's much easier for them to drive distracted, putting you at risk. While on your motorcycle, maintain a proper distance between you and the cars around you. Learn to predict the movements of cars and always look both ways at intersections. Don't allow yourself to become distracted while driving. Keep in mind that you're not always visible in the rearview mirrors of cars. Stay safe and don't drive recklessly.

No matter how cautious motorcyclists are, accidents can happen. But you don't have to face the aftermath alone. If you've been involved in a collision, consult with the experts at George Stein Steelhorse Law to discuss your options. You could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Learn more about our legal services by visiting Motorcycle Injury Lawyers today.

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