How Rear-End Accidents are Especially Dangerous for Motorcyclists

Rear-end motorcycle accidents are often the fault of the other driver because they are the ones who have collided with the vehicle in front. However, as a motorcyclist, this is little comfort. These accidents can be especially dangerous for you. Here's why.

Greater risk of injury

Motorcyclists will always be at greater risk of injury if they are the subject of a rear-end accident because there is nothing between them and the road like in a car. If the motorcyclist is knocked over, they lack the protection of a physical barrier and seatbelts.

This puts them at greater risk of injuries such as whiplash, fractures, and spinal cord injuries if they have their motorcycle rear ended.

If this happens, the rider will need to seek a spinal cord injury attorney to get the right compensation to cover the cost of treatment, loss of earnings, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

More serious injuries

Motorcyclists are also at risk of more severe injuries compared to car drivers in rear-end accidents. Having their body and head collide with the road can cause long-term or permanent disfigurement, often affecting customer-facing roles and their self-esteem.

This impact can also cause internal organ damage, long-lasting impairments, and further medical complications. In the worst cases, disabilities, brain damage, or even death can occur. Even if the motorcyclist survives the accident, their life can become very different from how it was previously.

Their spinal cord injury levels often indicate the damage and its short and long-term impact. Getting a medical diagnosis and working with an attorney who understands the implications and complications will help to get the right help.

Motorcycles are easier to knock over

Motorcycles have many advantages, including lower fuel and running costs, agility, and freedom on open roads. However, some things that make them appealing make them easier to be knocked over. As a motorcyclist, you can navigate through traffic quickly, but being the victim of a rear-end accident with a car or even larger vehicle will almost certainly end with your motorcycle being pushed over and you along with it. The other vehicle may sustain less damage and is unlikely to overturn from hitting you.

What can you do to reduce the chances of an accident

Having another vehicle hit the back of your bike may not be your fault, but you can take steps to prevent it from happening or at least reduce the physical damage to yourself if this occurs.

Regularly check your motorcycle brake light and ensure you keep an adequate gap between yourself and the vehicle behind when this is possible. Although you can't control how close the other driver gets to you, you can ensure they see you when you brake for any reason. In most cases, this should prevent them from going into the back of you.

You can also make sure you're easy to see by wearing hi-vis gear, especially on dark mornings and evenings.

To protect yourself in case of an accident, wear a helmet, even on short journeys. It only takes a moment for a rear-end accident to happen. This will reduce the chance of brain injury and facial disfigurement if it does.

Avoid weaving in and out of traffic, as tempting as it may be. This will lower the personal risk to yourself and your motorcycle.

You should also pay attention to any tailgaters. While the blame lies with them, your safety is your responsibility and affects your life. So, if you feel like a driver is too close and you can safely move, this is a good option.

Finally, use signals to let everyone behind you know when you're about to turn or change lanes ahead of time. Even if you think this is obvious, it doesn't hurt to make it clear, just in case.

Despite taking all the safety steps, accidents can still happen. So, if you find yourself involved in a rear-end accident as a motorcyclist, you can find a qualified lawyer at Steelhorse Law. They have extensive experience representing motorcyclists who are faultless in accidents.

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