How to Avoid a Rear-End Motorcycle Accident

Rear end accidentWhile most rear-end collisions are minor fender benders with little to no injuries, serious rear-end accidents happen. Most rear-end collisions involving a motorcycle and a car are caused by the bike hitting the automobile, so staying vigilant at all times while riding your motorcycle is of the utmost importance. Even if you’re doing all you can to ensure you’re operating your bike safely, you can still be at risk for a collision. Learn more about rear-end motorcycle accidents and how you can prevent them from happening. 

Use Your Rear View Mirrors

As a motorcyclist, your rear view mirrors are your best friends and should be checked regularly to ensure there aren’t any vehicles quickly approaching. Take time to properly clean and adjust your mirrors so that you’re well equipped to see any potential causes for concern lurking behind you. If you don’t have them already, purchase two fully functional rear view mirrors for each side of your motorcycle. While you might not like the look, being able to see what’s happening behind you can mean the difference between life and death. 

Stay Alert

While a red light might seem like an appropriate time to check your phone or take a breather, you need to stay engaged with your surroundings. A lot of rear-end collisions involve a motorcycle at a standstill, which can be a rather unsettling surprise for the motorcyclist. Always be on guard for any vehicles in front of or behind you and keep your eyes glued to the road. An occasional check of your mirrors will give you time to avoid any out of control vehicles approaching from behind. 

Avoid Suddenly Braking

Many rear-end motorcycle accidents are caused by a motorcyclist failing to give the vehicle behind them enough time to come to a full stop. Your brake light lets others know that you’re slowing down, which gives them time to do the same. In addition to making sure your brake light is working properly, focus on making gradual stops in order to avoid being hit from behind. High visibility

Make Yourself Visible

While you may think your bike can’t be missed by other drivers on the road, automobile drivers will sometimes fail to spot motorcycles before it’s too late. Do your part in helping other drivers know you’re there by making yourself as visible as possible. Wearing reflective gear and having proper headlights can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of you and everyone else. 

Prepare for the Worst

When stopped at a red light, you should be thinking about how you’ll avoid an oncoming car if it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Give yourself space to safely pull off to the side of the road if you need to do so. This can be made easier by not stopping directly behind another vehicle and positioning yourself in an ideal spot on the road. While it’s likely not on the forefront of your mind, planning for the worst will ensure you remain out of harm’s way while driving your motorcycle.


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