How to Claim Motorcycle Insurance after an Accident

Motorcycle AccidentIf you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, there are steps you need to take to ensure the incident is handled properly. Your insurance company is meant to be there for you when an accident occurs, but you need to do your homework to avoid leaving money on the table. Your insurance company may try to skimp you on a proper payout, so understanding your rights and getting what you’re entitled to is of the utmost importance. Quality motorcycle insurance should be there for you to help cover costly medical expenses and potential property damage, so take the time that is needed to ensure you make a proper insurance claim. Here are some helpful ways you can strengthen your accident case and receive just compensation from your insurer.

Have Your Story Straight

After you’ve been in an accident, it can be easy to feel confused and stressed out. Do your best to accurately recall how the accident took place and record your thoughts to ensure you aren’t changing your story down the road. If you take blame right away or fail to defend your innocence, you may not be entitled to as much by your insurance company. Take pictures of damage done to any of the vehicles involved and speak to witnesses who can help you put together a more complete accident case.

Call Your Insurance Company

Once you’ve checked in on yourself and ensured nothing is out of sorts, you’ll want to call your insurer immediately following the accident. Be sure you’ve got all the information you’ll need when submitting your claim, such as the names of all parties involved and their insurance information. If the police have already begun their report, be sure to get a copy of their findings to provide your insurance company with.

Choose a Mechanic You Can Trust

While your insurer will likely recommend local mechanics to fix any damage done to your motorcycle, you’ll want to make sure you work with a mechanic that has a proven track record of successful repairs. Often, insurance companies will try to save money by opting for a more affordable mechanic, which can keep your motorcycle from getting properly repaired. To avoid losing valuable time and money in the future, find a mechanic that you know will take good care of your bike.

Car Insurance ClaimHire an Attorney

If you’ve never been in an accident before, you’re likely unfamiliar with the insurance claim process. Having an attorney by your side to help you understand your rights as a motorcyclist can ensure you're properly taken care of by your insurer. Have your attorney speak with your insurance company before making any payments related to your case.

Gather Paperwork

The more intel you have regarding your accident, the better your chances are of having a strong claim. In addition to gathering all the necessary information needed from other parties involved, you’ll want to keep any medical bills or property damage receipts handy. By providing your insurance company with all the details of your particular case, you’ll be more likely to receive the coverage that you’re entitled to.

If you're involved in a motorcycle incident and need help with filing a claim, contact the professionals at George Stein Steelhorse Law. 

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