How to Stay Warm This Winter While Out on Your Motorcycle

As a motorcyclist, you shouldn't let winter stop you from enjoying the scenic views as your ride, sometimes on less congested roads and with better visibility where trees may have shed their leaves. However, ensuring you stay warm while on your motorcycle this winter is just as important. Here are some suggestions.

Layer up

You can still enjoy riding in winter, but you can stay warm by layering up. This includes thermals such as underwear and a base layer, underneath a fleece, with an outer layer that is waterproof and windproof.

There is often no such thing as bad weather for riding your motorcycle, just the wrong clothing. You can ride in most conditions this winter by protecting yourself against elements such as rain, snow, wind, and low temperatures. Although, you should also use your judgment in extreme conditions and follow the advice offered by local authorities about traveling.

How you dress can at least reduce the number of times you have to change your plans and find an alternative way to travel while protecting yourself from hypothermia.

Don't forget your hands

You need to keep your hands warm when riding your motorcycle because this can affect your grip, which can cause an accident.

Wearing heated motorcycle gloves is a great idea for keeping your hands snug, retaining your grip, and staying in control on the road. Make sure these aren't too tight. You need to be able to open and clench your hands without difficulty.

Use gloves that can be sealed to avoid losing heat, and carry a spare pair with you in case you lose your primary pair, or as is more common, lose one glove from your main pair.

You can also use hand warmers inside regular motorcycle gloves, providing these don't restrict grip and movement.

Keep your feet warm

Start your ride as you mean to go on with warm feet. You can do this by wearing thermal socks to keep heat in and keep the cold out. If you're likely to be riding in the rain, waterproof boots or mudguards can help, preventing your feet from getting damp, which would cause them to lose heat.

You can also use woolen socks but don't opt for the thickest pair available. These tend to restrict movement in your feet and become uncomfortable during longer rides. Thinner socks can be just as effective if you find the right high-quality pair.

Cover up

Cover up as much as possible when you're going out on your motorcycle this winter. This includes wearing a helmet with a full face shield and a scarf or neck warmer. By ensuring as little as possible is directly exposed to the cold, you can stay warm and get more enjoyment from your ride.

So, make sure there are no gaps between clothing and accessories. For example, wear fitted trousers or those with cuffs to ensure no gap between them and your socks.

Again, make sure nothing you wear restricts your movement and affects your ability to ride or react quickly while on the road.

Take breaks to warm up

There's nothing to stop you from going for a long winter motorcycle ride or going on a road trip if you wear the proper clothing. Yet, it can help you to stay warm if you take regular breaks. This can include stopping for a hot drink, sitting inside a coffee shop, and enjoying a hot sandwich or meal. Eating cold food outside will do nothing to keep you warm.

Alternatively, if you're riding miles away from anywhere, take a flask that can keep drink or soup warm for a long time, and have regular breaks to eat or drink. Also, spend some time walking around to stay warm between riding.

One of the most important things to remember when you're on your motorcycle, this winter is to be extra careful. Accidents can be more common, with all manner of risks like icy roads, fog, and wet roads. So if you find yourself involved in an accident and need a lawyer, Steelhorse Law can help. They are fully experienced in protecting the rights of riders and their finances.

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