Spring Clean Up

After a crazy winter filled with rain, sleet, snow, ice and even earthquakes, it looks like we’ve finally turned the corner, the calendar has flipped to March, and that means riding season. Time to hit the road.

Before jumping on the bike for destinations known, and my personal favorite, unknown, it’s best to take a few minutes to make sure you and your bike is prepared for all those exciting miles to come. Motorcycle safety, and protecting you and your passengers should start before you take your first ride of the season. Here are just a few tips before you start the season:

Take the time for a good, slow inspection of your bike starting with the tires. This is especially important after your bike has been sitting through a cold winter. You’ll want to make sure the tire pressure is at the recommended level, that there aren’t objects stuck in the tread or visible cracks. Make sure your tires also aren’t showing signs of excess wear.

Check all of the fluid levels making sure to replace or top off those that need it. Visually check for leaks, especially if you have levels that are low for no reason. That may very well indicate a leak. Maintaining the engine oil is one of the easiest ways to prevent major engine repairs, and as you know, repairs mean money out of your pocket and time off the bike.

Lights on a bike are so important, not only because it’s the law, but because it helps others to see you. Walk around the bike making sure the headlights, high and low beams, turn signals and brake lights are all working well and securely attached. Make sure to check all reflectors as well for cracks and

Next, check over the mechanics of your bike. Look over the brake and clutch cables for any sign of wear or fraying. If necessary, check your bike’s maintenance book to learn how to detach the cables from their housings and apply lubricant. Check the brakes themselves as well making sure to replace the pads if they are worn. Inspect the belt or chain, spark plugs, battery, suspension and chassis. Check the exhaust and any air intakes for animals or nests that may have made themselves at home during the winter.

Last but certainly not least, check your documents. Make sure your registration is up to date and your tags are good to go. Also, double check your insurance. Make sure it is didn’t lapse over the winter. This will keep you out of trouble with law enforcement, but more importantly, it will be there in case you need it. After checking it, if you have any questions about your coverage or what something means, give us a call.

Steelhorse Law wishes all of you a safe and enjoyable riding season. Please come by and say hi the next time you see us at an event.

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