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At SteelHorse Law we are constantly working to protect motorcycle riders as much as possible, whether representing an injured rider against an insurance company, or by providing good sound advice that will, ultimately, provide our community with access to real information that you can use to make your ride safer. The following are a few simple tips you can act upon quickly that will protect you and your ride if the need arises.

Minimum Insurance Requirements

Most States now require motor vehicle operators, including motorcycle riders, to have minimum insurance requirements. The mistake most bikers make is buying the cheapest insurance policy offered. This type of minimal coverage is often insufficient to cover expenses when confronted with a serious bike accident. It is suggested that motorcycle riders get at least 100,000/300,000 or 300,000/500,000 coverage along with a hefty Uninsured Motorists (“UM”) coverage policy. The increased cost of higher insurance coverage is usually minimal and well worth the peace of mind.

Although it’s not talked about a whole lot, and nobody really wants to think about having to use it, the fact is you need your motorcycle insurance to be able to protect you and your family from a financial hardship in the case that you go down hard. A serious accident can result in a financial crisis if you don’t have adequate protections in place, including proper motorcycle insurance coverage.

And if you like to ride, or even drive your car, here is one more reason to make sure that you have coverage: operating a motorcycle without insurance can lead to the suspension of your driver’s license if you are caught. You will also be arrested and have your ride impounded and significant fines levied against you. One charge of driving without insurance will easily topple the premium amount that it would take to insure that motorcycle for a significant period of time

Uninsured Motorcycle Coverage

An Extensive motorcycle accident can cost a lot in property losses, lost wages and medical bills. That is a why a lot of riders have enhanced policies which includes a large UM amount, coupled with a personal injury medical protection payment plan.

Don’t Be Fooled!

Many people think that because they have full coverage that they will have all the coverage available to them under law. This is a terrible assumption and you should take the time to properly evaluate if you have the insurance protection in place that you may really need. It may cost you a few dollars more, but the expense that you will pay now is minor relative to the benefits that you would receive if a situation arose when you had to tap into them. The term “full coverage” is often misleading because it gives policy holders a false sense of a good insurance policy in place, when in fact, it often doesn’t include UM or Med pay coverage!

****Note: The information on this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Rather it is a general discussion of the relevant law. You should recognize that each case must and can be different and that you should consult an attorney or insurance agent based upon your individual situation.

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