The Most Injured Body Regions From A Motorcycle Accident

It probably won't surprise you to hear that when bikers get into highway crashes with other vehicles, the result is often traumatic injuries. Motorcycle crash injuries can end up being life-threatening. Even motorcyclists who wear the proper gear, take protective actions, and survive a wreck can find themselves recovering from widespread trauma for weeks, months, and even years.

What are the most common motorcycle injuries that send bikers to the emergency department? Fractures, abrasions, burns, blunt force trauma, and spinal cord trauma lead the pack. However, because injuries can be widespread, it may be helpful to look at motorcycle injuries based on different areas of the body.

The Most Injured Body Regions From A Motorcycle Accident

Head-Related Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Suppose you've ever seen a high side motorcycle crash where a rider is essentially thrown off the bike head-first. In that case, you understand why head-related injuries can be so commonplace after motorcycle wrecks. Many motorcyclists who have been involved in crashes are at high risk of trauma to the skull and brain. For instance, a biker who is thrown off a bike and lands on their head may experience temporary concussion, bleeding of the brain, or lifelong brain damage.

The bones and skin of the face can also be impacted during a motorcycle crash. Sadly, many people who have been hurt in motorcycle crashes have wound up with scarring and disfigurement of the face. While cosmetic surgery can sometimes help, it isn't always perfect. This is why it's so important to have a motorcycle accident lawyer who pushes for appropriate compensation.

Torso-Related Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Any part of the torso between the neck and pelvic region can be significantly damaged during a motorcycle crash. As mentioned, high side motorcycle crash incidents can toss a person in the air, causing the individual to hit the pavement or an object with quite a bit of force. The force can cause bones to break, such as in the ribcage or along the vertebrae. The trauma to the torso can also lead to internal bleeding and bruising of major organs like the spleen or kidneys.

Low side motorcycle crash events can be just as devastating for riders. As the motorcycle skids along the pavement, riders may experience minimal or severe "road rash" along their sides, front, or back. This can exacerbate torso-related injuries.

Motorcycle Crash Injuries to a Rider's Extremities

The arms and legs of a motorcyclist are especially vulnerable during any motorcycle crash. It is not unusual for motorcyclists who have been hurt in wrecks to be diagnosed with broken bones or nerve damage. Regrettably, some injuries to the extremities can be so severe that they necessitate amputations.

Even what seems like a "small" injury, like a popped shoulder or fractured wrist, can lead to tremendous pain and months of rehab. Temporary or permanent paralysis can even occur, completely interrupting or changing an individual's ability to return to life as usual. Ideally, those involved in motorcycle accidents that weren't their fault shouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket to recover from their injuries. Instead, other entities, such as insurance companies or the at-fault driver, should absorb those costs.

A Note on Fatal Accidents With Body Parts

Depending on the widespread nature of a rider's injury, the rider might not be able to survive the motorcycle crash. In this situation, any body part may have been affected. Surviving family members should work with knowledgeable, experienced motorcycle accident attorneys to recover appropriate damages in such circumstances. The sooner a lawyer's assistance is retained, the sooner the case can move through the legal process.

Compelling Damages for Motorcycle Crash Injuries

No matter how simple or complex a biker's injuries are, they have the legal right to pursue compensation after a motorcycle wreck. Working with a lawyer or law firm allows the injured motorcyclist to take the necessary time to heal and recover. As the lawyer works in the case's background, the biker can work on becoming healthier with the help of providers and specialists.

If you or someone you care about experienced motorcycle crash injuries and has yet to get legal representation, contact Steelhorse Law. We are available to discuss the case and provide feedback based on our years of experience in motorcycle accident law.

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