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Top 5 Biker Events in 2018

Biker rallies are a great way to indulge in your love of the long haul, and connect with others who love scenic rides and riding their bikes on the open road. Here are the top biker events of 2018 to know about so you’ll be prepped and ready for your next adventure.

Top 5 Biker Events in 2018

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Nothing beats the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota. With its scenic location and range of attractions, it’s no wonder that over 500,000 riders come each year to enjoy the festivities. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is always within close range of several gorgeous natural landmarks, including Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Devil’s Tower, and Custer State Park. It also has some gorgeous scenic views for your long commute. Sturgis always has a wide range of events, including a series of concerts, a motocross race, street food competitions, tattoo contests, and a 5K running race. If you’re interested, be sure to check out the concert and events lineup to see if it piques your interest.

Daytona Bike Week

It’s as fun as it sounds. Daytona Beach opens itself up for the ultimate week of bikers coming together to enjoy bonding over their mutual love of the ride, while taking in the gorgeous beach sites and enjoying a range of venues, foods, concert events and local eateries. Then, of course, there’s the beach! Daytona Bike Week is a great opportunity to have a little fun in the sun for bikers from across the country.

Route 66 Biker Rally

If what you’re looking for is a rowdy good time, the Route 66 Biker Rally near Depew, OK, is the way to go. This RV park lets you pull up, camp out, and get down to have a good time. For those who want to party a little harder than your average Joe, this is your destination. The facilities include a fully stockedbar, outdoor DJ box, and a range of other partygoer surprises. Make sure to put this event on your calendar if you like a rowdy good time when hanging out with your biker crew.

Top 5 Biker Events in 2018

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder, Inc., is a nonprofit that focuses its efforts exclusively to help veterans of past and present wars, and to support POW/MIA issues in particular. The Rolling Thunder biker event is hosted over Memorial Day weekend and it brings hundreds of thousands of people to the Washington, DC, area to show their support of veterans’ issues and rights.

Bikes, Blues, and BBQ

Are you a fan of these three things? Does the culmination of bikes, blues, and BBQ into a whole weekend sound like a dream? This event is considered the largest United States charity rally by the Better Business Bureau, and it’s always hosted in Fayetteville, Arkansas, over the last weekend in September. Come to Bikes, Blues, and BBQ for a laid-back time, and enjoy the gorgeous scenic drives around the Fayetteville area. 

Biker rallies and events abound across the country—it’s just a matter of finding the right ones to suit your style. If you feel undecided, Sturgis is the rally of biker rallies, and it always has something everyone will love. No matter the route you choose, make sure you always have a solid biker attorney up your sleeve for any potential biker accidents that might occur when you’re out of state. It’s best to stay prepared for fun and for the unexpected.

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