Unknown Facts about Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycling can be an extremely enjoyable and safe activity. One way to ensure that your passion for the open road doesn't lead to severe motorcycle accident injuries or tragedy is to learn more about motorcycle accidents, especially the lesser-known facts.

Unknown Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

When Do Most Motorcycle and Moped Crashes Occur?

Naturally, not all motorcycle accidents occur simultaneously, but statistically speaking, there is a time zone when the danger of a collision is at its peak for motorcyclists.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), most motorcycle crashes happen on weekends. This could be related to more people being free on the weekend. There is also a dangerous time bracket motorcyclists need to take note of. Most deadly incidents occur at night between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Mopeds face the same dangers but seem more vulnerable in high-speed environments, such as fast lanes or speeding cars, regardless of the hour. Due to a moped's slower pace and reaction capabilities, it is advisable to wear protective gear and not take it out at night.

How Often Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Since motorcyclists have less protection during an accident than other road users, it's essential to grasp how often a rider turns into a statistic. One estimate states that there are roughly 236 motorcycle accidents in the United States every day, with an average of 86,000 injuries annually.

Facts About Motorcycle Deaths Per Year

  • Unlicenced Drivers Contribute to a Third of Deaths: According to 2020 statistics, over a third of all motorcycle deaths every year involve riders who are unlicensed and have little to no experience with motorcycling.
  • August is Deadly: Interestingly, August appears to be the deadliest month for riders. About 14 percent of all fatal accidents occur in August. To put that into perspective, only 3 percent occur in January, considered the safest month for motorcyclists.
  • Alcohol Plays a Major Role: This might not be at all surprising. However, when we look at the facts, it just drives the point home. Over a quarter of motorcyclist fatalities involve alcohol, and in 2020, it resulted in 880 rider deaths from single-vehicle incidents and 556 rider deaths from multi-vehicle incidents. Being inebriated also increases motorcycle crashes at night when conditions are already more challenging to sober drivers than daytime conditions. When under the influence, riders cannot see or react as well as they should. About 40 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes occur at night.
  • Speeding is another Deadly Factor: Just like alcohol, speeding is a prevalent factor in road accidents, and motorcycles are no exception. It is estimated that over a third of rider deaths, roughly 34 percent, happened because the individual was going too fast. Speeding decreases a rider's ability to stop on time and reduces control over the motorcycle.

What are the Chances of Getting Into a Motorcycle Accident?

This is a legitimate question on the lips of nearly every responsible motorcyclist. There is a consensus that your chances of getting into a motorcycle accident are about one in 100.

This is a high probability. However, vigilance goes a long way, as most motorcycle accidents are caused by human error. It's important to drive as safely as possible and stay aware of other road users to reduce the risk of a collision. Additionally, make sure that you wear as much protective gear as you can - in 2020, there were 2,143 motorcycle accident fatalities where the rider didn't wear a helmet.

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