Unknown Facts about Motorcycle Accidents

Motorycycle safety As someone who rides a motorcycle, you owe it to yourself and others to know how to stay safe out on the roads. Making up over 15% of traffic deaths this past year, motorcycle accidents are far too prevalent considering how few there are compared to automobiles. Many of these accidents ranging from mild to fatal could be prevented if the motorcyclist had taken the necessary precautionary steps to ensure the safety of others and themselves. Even an experienced motorcycle driver can be involved in an accident, so take the time to familiarize yourself with bad motorcycle habits and learn more about how motorcycle accidents are caused. 

Accidents Aren’t Always Your Fault

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, nearly 67% of motorcycle accidents are caused by other automobiles interfering with your right-of-way. That’s why, no matter how experienced a motorcyclist you are, you need to take steps to ensure other vehicles take notice of you. Make yourself visible to other drivers by wearing reflective gear or using headlights to decrease your chances of being involved in an accident. 

Eye Protection Is Everything

When driving a motorcycle, you’re fully exposed to the elements, meaning you’re more susceptible to having dust, bugs or debris impede your vision while driving. Far too many riders fail to protect their eyes from potential hazards, which makes them more likely to cause an accident. Make sure your helmet is equipped with a durable visor that doesn’t limit your visibility. This will keep all the bad stuff out of your eyes without sacrificing any of your vision. 

Most Motorcyclists Aren’t Properly Trained

Whether they learned from a friend or relative or they picked it up on their own, many motorcyclists have not had formal motorcycle safety training. Not only can a training seminar teach you how to be safer out on the road, but it can also catch you up to speed on new regulations and laws regarding motorcycles. You can normally complete your training over the course of a weekend, so find the time to be educated on motorcycle safety.  Motorcycle goggles

Stay Alert at Intersections

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that roughly half of all motorcycle accidents take place at intersections, by far making them the most common place for motorcycle accidents. This means you need to be extra alert whenever driving through or approaching an intersection. Whether another driver fails to see their red light or someone cuts you off, there are countless ways you can end up in an accident at an intersection. 

Motorcycle Deaths Are Up

Motorcycle fatalities made up roughly 18% of road deaths in 2016, with over 5,000 people dying as a result of a motorcycle accident. While this number did decrease in 2017, motorcycle deaths are still 28 times more frequent than other fatal crashes. You have a responsibility as a motorcyclist to do everything you can to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. The more you know about preventing motorcycle accidents, the better chance you have of staying out of harm’s way.


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