What Age Group Is in Most Motorcycle Accidents?

A road is a dangerous place for motorcyclists. It's critical to understand how to protect yourself and know that some of the riskiest drivers may be the least able to pay your claims. Ideally, avoiding these behaviors and groups is the best practice, and seeking expert counsel, if involved in a crash is the next best move.

What Are the Dangers Of Texting And Driving?

Texting and driving are deadly. The dangers of texting and driving are enormous; texting while driving at 55 miles per hour is the same as driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed. Consequently, 48 state legislatures have banned texting and driving. The consequences are not just criminal and administrative. However, they can also impact civil claims and settlements. This is because a foundational element in legal cases is the duty of care owed to other drivers.

In today's litigation environment, lawyers are keenly aware that texting and driving, or other distractions, can determine the fault allocation between parties. During the discovery phase of the legal process, it's inevitable that each legal team will request information that includes text messages, social media accounts, music applications, email, etc., and try to use that to their advantage.

Therefore, avoid texting and driving yourself for safety and legal reasons, and note if you see the other driver using their phone - if you're in a crash. Legal counsel from a skilled texting and driving accident lawyer can help navigate these issues.

Are There Any Age Groups That Present a Particular Risk?

The plain facts show that teenagers and young motorcyclists are dangerous drivers. Teen drivers are twice as likely as adults to be involved in fatal crashes. Teenagers have a higher chance of being involved in car accidents because of their developmental characteristics and developing skills - they simply don't have the same abilities as adults.

Their inability to contend with distractions is a huge problem; teenagers who text while driving increase their chances of an accident by 23 times. While these types of behaviors are banned across the country, it's likely that those who need those rules most are simply unaware of them or don't follow them. Indeed, in 2020 while teenagers represented only 5.1% of all licensed drivers, they accounted for 8.5% of all traffic-related deaths.

Why Does This Matter?

  1. Teenagers engage in the riskiest behaviors that produce the worst crashes. In 2019, the leading cause of fatal crashes was speeding - some 17.2% of fatal crashes were attributed to speeding. Young people, ages 15-24, were more likely to speed in a fatality-related crash than any other age group. A case involving significant injuries or wrongful death could likely come from these high speed motorcycle crash situations involving young drivers.
  2. Because of their propensity for serious accidents, teenagers are expensive to insure. Because of the significant premiums for insuring teenagers, members of this group may be uninsured or underinsured. Navigating lawsuits with underinsured or uninsured drivers is difficult to navigate, so it's important to talk with a lawyer who understands the nuances of these policies.

Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself:

  1. Make your motorcycle as safe as possible: Check the conditions of your ride as often as possible and ensure everything is in proper order. Consider features like an automatic gear shift system that allows your complete focus to be on the road.
  2. Follow safety best practices: Wear reflective and bright clothing and always use running lights - even during the daytime. Drive defensively, and if you notice a car struggling with lane placement or other erratic behavior, give them a wide berth.
  3. Understand your insurance: If you know that people are prone to serious accidents on the road and some may not be able to cover your damage if injured, you should take the time to understand your insurance policies and know what they cover. If you don't have enough insurance coverage, prioritizing ways to increase it is wise.

Despite your best efforts and awareness, you may be involved in a high speed motorcycle crash with a poor driver. Contact an experienced attorney to help get you the best possible outcome.

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