What to Know Before Talking to an Insurance Company About Your Motorcycle Crash

Navigating insurance after a motorcycle crash is overwhelming. Crash victims quickly realize they don't know reporting requirements, how long their rates will be affected, and the ramifications of talking to other insurance companies. Understanding these areas can substantially impact the outcomes of crash victims' cases and lives.

How Long Does At-Fault Accident Stay on Insurance Records?

After accidents, people ask questions like "How long does at-fault accident stay on insurance record"? or "Will this affect my insurance rates"? These are good questions to discuss with an attorney, and the answer will vary by state. Consider Georgia.

Georgia has a 3 to 5-year look back on its motor vehicle reports, and insurance companies can request limited rating information reports to determine rates. While it's true that parties can, in some cases, agree to handle accidents between themselves, it's important to note that Georgia has strict accident reporting requirements. Because accidents will likely involve some injury or damage to the property above $500, Georgians can expect to report.

If the accident is their fault, they can expect the accident will be on their motor vehicle report for 3 to 5 years. This is one reason you should speak to an attorney after an accident; admitting fault can make obtaining insurance much more complex and expensive.

Can I Just Avoid Reporting the Accident?

Sometimes people believe if it's a minor car accident no police report is necessary. Not reporting an accident is a bad idea. As discussed above, there may be a statutory requirement to report accidents. Beyond that duty, not reporting could harm your interests. Even with minor accidents, there can be injuries that don't present until much later that require a claim.

Over time, memories fade, and recordings and witnesses disappear. Obtaining a factual report of the incident from a neutral third party can improve the odds of a favorable settlement by preserving facts. It can be tempting to minimize accidents and avoid the claims process, but it's almost always in your best interest to file a police report.

Should I Make a Statement to The Insurance Company?

Depending on the accident type, one or more insurers may be involved. If it's a single-vehicle accident and you are filing with your insurance company, you must provide them with information about the claim and cooperate with them. However, when others, and their insurers, are involved, it's entirely different. In those situations, it's important to make a report to the police about the critical facts of the case. Still, you should avoid discussing the accident with the other parties involved, their insurers, or anyone else. This consists of an insurance statement.

Even seemingly simple or innocuous statements can be used against you to allocate fault, and it's when a separate insurance company contacts you to say little or nothing. Simply tell them you intend to have your attorney follow up with them, and then make sure you discuss with your attorney the proper response to any questions asked of you.

What Is Health Insurance's Role in Accidents?

Navigating the insurance process after a claim is difficult. The average person will understandably be confused about different insurers' responsibilities in covering their expenses. In nearly all situations, everyone asks, "Does health insurance cover motorcycle accident injuries"? The answer to that question is yes. Health insurance covers injuries after a motorcycle accident. However, it is important to note a few essential items:

  1. Pain and suffering from the accident will not be included in those claims.
  2. If claims are not promptly reported to the insurer and a physical exam is performed quickly, that can prohibit a claim from being approved.
  3. Damages for lost wages and property damage, if available, are covered under a motorcycle policy.

Consult an attorney to help you understand the benefits and limitations of your policies - not making the proper claims at the appropriate time can hurt you dramatically.

Insurance is a nebulous field, and there are many traps for the unwary; consulting with an experienced attorney can significantly improve an accident victim's experience and level the playing field.

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